LICENSEE must abide by all building and safety requirements for motion picture and video tape stage use including fire, building and safety regulations regarding audience shows, the use of special effects, etc.

There must be a 4' clearance totally unobstructed, adjacent to all walls around the perimeter of each stage.

Fire extinguisher hose must be inspected by LICENSEE and be used only for emergency purposes. Any damage to or disappearance of this equipment will be the responsibility of LICENSEE.

Lighting, catwalks, camera platforms, cable troughs, etc., may be suspended from the grid only, suspension must be made in such a manner as the equalize grid loads so as not to exceed ten (10) pounds per square foot over the entire grid area. Suspension from trusses is ABSOLUTELY prohibited.

Cleanup of painting equipment and disposal of paint, solvents, etc., must be accomplished pursuant to rules and regulations as established by the City, County, State, and Federal governments. Violations causing the disposal of these liquids into utility tubs, street and/or gutters will be a violation of city ordinances and any citations will be the responsibility of LICENSEE.

Stage janitorial service and disposal of construction materials that cannot be made through the use of ordinary trash services provided, will be furnished at a nominal fee through arrangements with STUDIO facilities manager.

No motor vehicles of any sort may be left on any stage overnight, unless the gas tanks are no more than 1/4 - 1/2 full and the battery has been disconnected. THIS IS A FIRE REGULATION.

Dressing rooms may only be used in the quantity assigned for LICENSEE’S production, and for dressing room purposes only. Any additional dressing rooms required may be provided by arrangements with STUDIO management at an additional charge.

It is understood and agreed that as Stage (#) LICENSEE, PRODUCER shall communicate with the LICENSEES of any contiguous stage(s) through a mutually agreeable method, so as to eliminate any possibility of audio transmission interference with any other contiguous stage(s). It will be the responsibility of the company creating the noise to secure and pay for whatever means have been mutually agreed upon.

No animals, other than registered authorized dogs or cats owned by an employee, principal, agent or representatives of LICENSEE, are permitted on the Studio Property. Any employee or representative of LICENSEE who wishes to bring a dog or cat onto the Studio Property must first complete the current animal registration form of LICENSOR, pay the applicable fees, presents required vaccination records, and at the time of first entry onto the Studio Property present the pet to be photographed for identification purposes (“Registered Animal of LICENSEE”). Each Registered Animal of LICENSEE must be kept on a leash and be under the control of an authorized representative of LICENSEE at all times while on the Studio Property. Each Registered Animal of LICENSEE is to be walked regularly and outside of the Studio Property. Except for times when the animal is being walked, each Registered Animal of LICENSEE must be kept inside LICENSEE offices that comprise part of the Leased Premises. LICENSEE will be responsible for cleaning up any mess or damage caused by any animal brought onto the Studio Property by or on behalf LICENSEE and will defend, indemnify, and hold LICENSOR harmless from any loss, claim or liability brought against LICENSOR based upon the conduct of any such animal. If any Registered Animal of LICENSEE exhibits aggressive behavior while on the Studio Property, LICENSOR shall have the right to revoke any previous registration and upon any such revocation and request of LICENSOR, LICENSEE will immediately remove the animal from the Studio Property